AED 1 700 000

(USD 465 753)

Full Marina View, Panoramic windows, 2 bedroomapartment in JBR Rimal.

AED 2 700 000

(USD 739 726)

Full Sea Dubai Eye View ! Investor Deal ! 3 bedroom apartment in JBR Rimal

AED 1 165 000

(USD 319 178)

Best Price 1 bedroom apartment in Botanica with Palm view

AED 2 200 000

(USD 602 740)

Amazing Full Sea and Palm Views! 3 bedroom apartment Sadaf, JBR

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Real Estate blog : Homes for rent in Dubai UAE

Dubai is the land of billionaires and wanna-be millionaires. It is the land where dreams and impossible hopes come true. A single stroll through it, and one will realize the power of imagination. In the past, the late Sheikh Zayed – the ruler of the country - had a vision that judiciously charted a way of development for the entire UAE. His vision was one that other people would readily laugh at. Today, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city that enjoys luxury and technology that are still foreign to a lot of Eastern Countries.

The first advantage of getting homes for rent in Dubai so that you can live here is the high level of security. This is one of the safest places in the region. The crime rate is close to zero. People can walk freely at all times of the day and night. The police are vigilant, and all homes for rent in Dubai UAE have the utmost security. This is a wealthy city, and the Emirati have spared no expenses to protect that wealth.

The second advantage of living in Dubai is the rate of employment. This is a city that cherishes entrepreneurship. There is literally no jobless rate in Dubai (probably because a visa is dependent on work status). Everyone has a job here, as new companies and enterprises are being formed every day. The work environment is unlike any other in the region. You will meet with people from all over the world, and make connections with expats from some of the leading firms in the globe. You will learn the standards of business in every continent. The experience that you gain in Dubai is unique and priceless. The economy is surging, making Dubai the newest land of opportunities.

Another advantage of living in Dubai is the healthcare and education systems. There are plenty of modern healthcare providers as well as alternative medicine professionals in Dubai. The school system is great, and there are plenty of higher education institutions here. Therefore, the students who get the homes for rent in Dubai UAE will not lack any of the essential amenities and services.

Transportation is also very good in Dubai. The government has placed a lot of emphasis on accessibility and easy navigation. Though Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is widely spoken here. This means that foreigners who get homes for rent in Dubai will never get lost in translation. Most of the homes here are pleasant and new. It is also possible to get fully serviced and furnished homes for rent in Dubai.

Holiday homes for rent in Dubai

Holiday homes for rent in DubaiFor those who cannot live here full time, holiday homes for rent in Dubai are always available. The advantage of vacationing in this city is the unique attractions that can only be found here. Biggest shopping malls and fountain, highest skyscraper with the observation desk, man-made islands, and fastest roller coaster located in Abu Dhabi – all this is present in the UAE. A visitor will come out of this city with a wealth of experiences that they would never have found if they had travelled elsewhere.

Dubai is a place that is favoured by a lot of foreign expatriates from the west. Though the prices have been soaring in the past few years, the prices of homes for rent in Dubai UAE are still lower than those in western countries. This is mostly because there are very little fees on homes in Dubai. Most of the developments are happening towards the west as this is an ideal location for people who want to be close to the city and to the beach. Most of the properties that foreigners can rent have placed a lot of emphasis on technology, security and luxury. Other districts that are popular with foreigners who are looking for homes for rent in Dubai are the Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah Island.

If you are considering the holiday homes for rent in Dubai, you will definitely get some of the best in Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. Dubai is literally a year-round location, as tourists can flock to this city in any season. The vacation rentals have the very best amenities, from gyms and swimming pools, to tennis courts and air conditioners. Even during the blistering summer, visitors will still find comfort and luxury in this city. Furthermore, the security is unrivalled, and the tourist will always feel safe while staying here. The fact that there is zero-tax policy means that Dubai is the shopping Mecca of the world. It is easy to get reasonable prices on luxury goods as well as high quality clothes and jewellery. The tourists will definitely fill their bags with a couple of souvenirs after they leave Dubai.

Individuals who are looking for regular homes or even holiday homes for rent in Dubai can never go wrong with our real estate company. We are the premier company in the area, with information on all corners of the city. We have all types of homes in our listings. We can give you advice on the perfect home for you and your family. We can even get you a house in a location that will make it convenient for you to study, work or enjoy the various attractions in this city. This city offers its residents and visitors so many benefits, and we will put you up in a prime location so that you can enjoy all of them.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions