AED 1 700 000

(USD 465 753)

Full Marina View, Panoramic windows, 2 bedroomapartment in JBR Rimal.

AED 2 700 000

(USD 739 726)

Full Sea Dubai Eye View ! Investor Deal ! 3 bedroom apartment in JBR Rimal

AED 1 165 000

(USD 319 178)

Best Price 1 bedroom apartment in Botanica with Palm view

AED 2 200 000

(USD 602 740)

Amazing Full Sea and Palm Views! 3 bedroom apartment Sadaf, JBR

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Real Estate blog : Homes for sale in Dubai


Homes for sale in Dubai - Why UAE?

If you are planning to settle down in Dubai, be assured that you have made the right decision. UAE is where you will have your dreams come true. Whether you want to become a successful business tycoon, experience the life of luxury with your own eyes, avail world-class facilities, or pursue activities you have always dreamed of, then the Arab Emirates is the place for you. Forget the idea of not finding affordable homes for sale in Dubai. There are plenty of offers for each taste and budget. Once you have decided to land here, there will be tons of opportunities waiting for you – just be ready to grab it. Develop yourself in Dubai, be responsible in every project you start and you will get the benefits of luxury living, which is so typical for this region.

Dubai offers a life full of cheerful experiences, colorful moments and exciting events. You won't get a chance to be bored here. There are unlimited activities to enjoy: from dune bashing and skiing to bird watching, ice skating, and fishing. People also look for homes for sale in Dubai because they have an adventurous spirit and they wish to live in a region where there is every possibility to quench their thirst of exploration.

Looking for perfect homes for sale in Dubai? Take a look at the properties available at the wonderful and awe-inspiring Palm Jumeirah Island – the first man-made island on earth. The island offers a life in a separate peace of land, that is quite cut-off from the metropolitan Dubai. If you haven't had a look at the island yet, it is highly recommended that you have a look at the photo gallery to see with your own eyes just how exquisite and luxurious this island really is.

Homes for sale in Dubai Palm Island

The Palm Jumeirah is definitely one of the most astounding projects built by man. This artificial island forms the shape of a gigantic palm tree and the island runs into the Persian Gulf covering a distance of 6.5 kilometers roughly. The island gives a feeling of "Heaven on Earth" and after seeing it you will truly understand the meaning of this phrase. It is also known as Dubai Palm Island and therefore many people search for homes for sale in Dubai Palm Island to find their dream home in the UAE. All the houses and apartments here overlook the sea and therefore they are heavenly and gorgeous. The interior is constructed according to contemporary design requirements and you can style and furnish it according to your own personal taste. House with private beach and garden makes you forget the city rush and immerse into the world of tranquility.

In the Palm Jumeirah, you will find properties both for sale and for rent. If your plan is to stay in Dubai for only a few years, it is recommended to look at homes available for rent. However, if you plan to stay in Dubai for good, then it is better to invest in homes available for sale here. There are many luxurious and stunning homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah Dubai for those who wish to live an out-of-this-world life. These homes are built according to the latest trends of the modern architecture making them beautiful, safe, and durable –all at the same time.

Homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah Dubai are a perfect hide-away from the city's busy life. If you are serenity and peace supporter, there is no better place on earth than the artificial island with spectacular sea views and weather you are going to love. There are apartments as well as villas here for people belonging to different walks of life. Whether you want to live alone or with family, you will find a dream house here among homes for sale in Dubai Palm Island with all the facilities and amenities of modern-day living.

Homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Homes for sale in Dubai Palm Island If you want a life with multicultural taste or wish to give your kids a luxurious existence in this world, choose Dubai as a hometown for them. There is a high level of safety in the streets of Dubai, so you will be always sure that your child will not get into a trouble. You will find an ideal house in just a matter of minutes by checking online impressive, but affordable homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah Dubai and homes for sale in Dubai Palm Island. Come to Dubai and forget about the old, traditional way of living with lots of restrictions and limitations when it comes to enjoying the life. This City of Lights has everything in terms of safety, entertainment, luxury, beauty and care, shopping, culture and religion.

Choose your home from the listings given by our real estate agency in Dubai UAE. We provide the largest collection of homes for sale in Palm Jumeirah Dubai and homes for sale in Dubai Palm Island to our customers so that they can easily take their pick without having to search other databases. We have listed the houses in different price ranges, number of bedrooms, facilities, furnished or unfurnished, and total covered area. Simply choose your specifications and find the perfect home that you have always been looking for! Having your own house in Dubai will make this city closer to your heart and your heart more opened to new experiences.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions